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Personalize your computer desktop

I like to change my computer desktop picture every couple of weeks. It is usually showcasing my new favorite layout.

To set up a picture or layout as a background on your computer follow these easy instructions:

Go to your computer desktop and right click
Choose “properties”
Click on the “Desktop” tab
Click on the “Browse” button
Find the file you want as your background, select it and choose “Open”
For the Position drop down, I like “Center”
For the Color drop down, I coordinate the color with the picture I’ve chosen.

If the photo appears too large, or small it may be because of the size you have your screen resolution set to (settings tab). I have mine set to 1280 x 1024, so I make sure my layout is smaller than that (I usually use my 600×600 layouts). You may need to resize your picture to fit within your computer resolution too.

These instructions are based off of Windows XP, but I’m told older versions of Windows are the same or similar.

Have fun!

Show off your layouts with a screensaver

I like to show off my layouts by using them as my screensaver. I get to see them all the time this way, without having to get my books out and flip through them.

To set up your screen saver to scroll through your layouts, do the following:

Right click on your Computer Desktop
Choose “Properties”
Choose the “Screen Saver” tab
Choose “My Pictures Slideshow” as the screen saver type
Click “Settings”
Click “Browse” and find the folder you store your layouts in.
Click “OK”
Click “OK”
And wait the amount of time you have set up for your screen saver to start up. Sit back and enjoy!

How to make a desktop background for XP

These instructions are written for PSE and Windows XP, but they might work with other programs and operating systems as well.

If you love looking at your layouts as I do, I make many of them into desktop backgrounds as well as regular square layouts.

I flatten the layout and open a new file sized 16 inches wide and 12 inches high. (This size works for me as I have a standard screen. You may need to play with the size or just use a ruler and measure your screen first.) I fill this new file with a coordinating paper, usually a fairly even background, either light or dark but with very little pattern. You can either enlarge the paper or make 2 layers of the paper and slide one over. You don’t want a seam to show though, so make it toward the right if you line your icons up on the left of your screen. Then use the healing brush to blend the seam if necessary. Avoid this step by just using one layer of the paper and stretching it – just don’t stretch it out of proportion if there’s a pattern in the paper.

Layer your layout right on top.

Flatten this and save it as a jpg in a folder called Desktop Backgrounds. Then you can easily change them out whenever you like. Just right click on your screen, choose Properties/Desktop/Browse – find your file and double click on it. Give it a few seconds to load, and then it should show in the window. Press apply and enjoy your layout whenever you turn on your computer. Put lots of layouts in the folder like this, and you can change them out whenever you want.